Getting Started

Potential resident are required to have their care needs assessed before entering a care home, this is intended to provide residents with the best information on which to make their choices for their future.

If you are in touch with social services or a social work department, the initial assessment will be undertaken as part of the care management process. We will then need to assure ourselves that the home is suitable to care for your health and welfare needs. We also endeavour to take into consideration the welfare and wishes of the residents already at the home, the ambiance of the home comes from the residents and family using the services.

All new residents are admitted on a 4 week trial period were we liaise with you and your family to establish if the home can meet your needs and preferences. If in that period if we or you feel that home is not suitable to care for your particular needs we try to offer you advice to more suitable help.

Once you make the decision to choose White Gables we will then work with you, your family and friends to make an easy and smooth transition into your new surroundings.

If you feel that you need to understand how to go about choosing future care needs and how it could work for you or a family friend within White Gables then please call to speak to the home manager were they will hopefully help you with a better understanding of the care system.

Find out more information about White Gables & how our range of services are best suited for your individual needs.

White Gables is officially registered with the Lincolnshire Care Association. 

White Gables Care Home is the trading name of Pearl Blossom Limited (Company No. 10163796) and is part of the Blossom Group.